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Miséricorde - Le Loup Des Ruines long sleeve

Image of Miséricorde - Le Loup Des Ruines long sleeve

Miséricorde: the dagger of misery and mercy.

Telling the story of a banished werewolf knight, trio Miséricorde's Medieval French black metal draws inspiration from lore and legends to fuel their raw vision. Featuring the artists Celestial Sword, Zofie Siege, and drummer Palisade in tow, this band's own lycanthropic take on the folkloric moon madness weaves a tale of betrayal, murder, mutilation, and ultimately redemption through loyalty. Through a uniquely bleak black metal lens, Miséricorde's despair and darkness find a strong footing in raw black metal's brittle harshness, heralded by Zofie Siege's otherworldly synthesizer and vocal presence. Miserable and plodding, Miséricorde's debut album Le Loup des Ruines is set to be released on multiple formats by Labyrinth Tower, Poisonous Sorcery & Lost Armor Records.

Inspired by the 12th century poem "Le Bisclavret" by Marie de France.